What is a CustomFit recipe?

CustomFit recipes help you knit patterns that are too advanced for CustomFit to make on its own right now. Let's use Acorn Trail as an example! The CustomFit recipe is a PDF that contains:

  • Explicit instructions on what elements to choose in the Build Your Own wizard to create a new pattern just like Acorn Trail. The recipe will tell you what length of sleeves to choose, how deep a neckline, what type of trim, etc.
  • Specific instructions on how to incorporate design elements that CustomFit can’t yet calculate for you. In the case of Acorn Trail, this means the cable panel, which CustomFit isn't yet able to state explicitly.

To use the recipe, you will use the directions provided in the CustomFit recipe to input as a Build Your Own pattern. The recipe gives explicit instructions on what choices to make in for each step of the way, and also tells you where you will need to do something different than what it says in your CustomFit pattern.

If you want to use a recipe for your first CustomFit sweater, consider trying a Basic sweater or a built-in Amy Herzog pattern first!


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