How much does CustomFit cost?

Having an account is free and always will be! You don't need to pay to store your body measurements or gauge. 

Our aim is to make CustomFit as economical as possible for you, the knitter. For the occasional sweater knitter, each pattern has a relatively low cost:

  • The Basics collection patterns and custom patterns designed by you cost $9.99 each.
  • Featured designs, by Amy Herzog or others, cost $12.50. Read more about why that is here.

We also offer two subscription levels for knitters who make a lot of sweaters! Maker costs $5 per month, and you receive 8 pattern credits per year. Maker Plus costs $8 per month, and subscribers get unlimited pattern creation - which means you can change your mind about what sweater you're knitting as often as you like!

Find out more and sign up here: Maker and Maker Plus.


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